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With over 28 years’ experience in the fitness industry, The Gym People team bring a wealth of knowledge to your project.

What Our Experience Means For You

Our range of experience means we can provide a holistic approach to your gym. Our operations team have a diverse background, from gym ownership, sports science to personal training, alongside being board members of gyms and leisure centres. This wide range of experience gives us a unique perspective to really provide you with the attention to detail that you deserve.

We are hugely passionate about the physical and mental benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, your gym is much more than just the equipment inside it. In order to create an inspiring and functional space, we are proud to be experts in installation, architecture and interior design.

Originally covering Bristol and the South-West, The Gym People now operate nationwide.

Our people

Guy Hollis

Guy Hollis

Founding Director

Guy Hollis is the Founding Director of The Gym People Ltd with 18 years in the sport and leisure industry.

As a sport obsessed child and teenager, Guy played U18 academy rugby for Bristol Bears before helping set up Old Cliftonians FC. His fitness journey started when, as an inactive 24 year old, he noticed a dramatic decrease in the enjoyment of his life. The struggle of that period inspired him to lose 2 stone, get fit and inspire others to do so.

Guy became a personal trainer in 2008 before building a team of personal trainers, setting up a members’ gym and branching out into management of other sites in the South West of England.

Nowadays Guy lives with his wife and two young children. He relaxes by reading and learning from inspiring people, getting out in the countryside and attempting to learn Italian.

Davina Bamber

Davina Bamber

Business Development Manager

Davina Bamber is the Business Development Manager at The Gym People, with over 20 years’ experience in business and customer experience.

She is passionate about customer service and believes in providing an excellent customer journey with nothing left to chance.  She works closely with Guy to ensure that The Gym People continue to deliver a high level of service and that every client receives the attention to detail that they deserve.

Melanie R Gonzalez

Melanie R Gonzalez


Melanie R Gonzalez is our qualified nutritionist and is a graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. She works with individuals, athletes of all levels and ages, coaches and sports PT teams to provide nutritional strategies to enhance sport performance and manage eating habits. Her interest in healthy eating started at the age of 15 when she was diagnosed with morbid obesity. It was the start of a long journey to health and happiness.

As the founder of CookYourLife, she offers a range of nutritional services sharing her belief that food is medicine.  Everyone has unique nutritional needs and a personalised consultation is key to understanding your body’s connection to overall fitness, health and happiness. As a professional nutritionist, she will open a trusting dialogue with you to identify the causes of illness and offer advice and support to promote optimal health for body and mind.  As The Gym People’s nutritionist she will develop different services based on your needs: we can offer a minimalist plan, signature plan (1-2-1), half year membership plan or a full year membership plan.

Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan

Personal Trainer

Tom Morgan is our personal trainer. His goal is to help you fall in love with training, so it doesn’t feel like  a chore and you can get excellent results right now, and to be able to keep doing so into your 50s, 60s and longer.

Having had multiple surgeries due to rugby injuries has given Tom an appreciation for longevity and freedom of movement. Training consistently is like topping up our physical pension account, so we can carry on doing everything we love now from now until forever. We all know you can’t train consistently without enjoying it and that’s what he is here to help you do.

If you need any help getting to grips with your new kit, a session to cover the basics of technique, or a chat through your goals and what’s currently holding you back. Every client of The Gym People gets a free 30 minute call with Tom.

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Our Partners

We work with a range of suppliers, always sourcing high quality equipment at a great price for your home or commercial gym.