Garage Gym vs. Gym Membership: Finding Your Perfect ‘Work Out From Home’ Solution

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Garage gyms are on the rise…

We are witnessing a surge in the popularity of garage gyms. Previously a graveyard for half empty paint pots and a surfboard you can’t use, garages are now becoming another room in the house to be enjoyed every day. This shift in mentality may have something to do with the pandemic ‘working from home’ culture, demonstrating the benefits of not just working but ‘working out’ from the comfort of your own home.


Garage gym conversions

To get the most out of a garage gym it’s important to get it right. Although an initial investment, a full garage gym conversion is the best way to have a gym experience without having to leave the house! Here are the pros and cons of a home garage gym to help you decide if a garage gym conversion is right for you:


Pros of a garage gym

You don’t have to talk to any other people. Sometimes a gym environment can be distracting, so it can be beneficial to get your head down and get your workout done.

You don’t have to queue for equipment. When you’ve had a long day at work and you just want to get in and out, being greeted by 10 x One Direction tribute band members in the weights area is not ideal. Having your own gym negates this issue.

It can work out better financially. If you travel 15 minutes each way to the gym, 3 times a week, that’s 1.5 hours per week wasted. Take away holidays and Xmas, and let’s say you train for 45 weeks per year, that’s 67.5 hours per year! If you value your time at £30 per hour, that’s £2,025. Yes, there are energy costs to consider, but you get the idea!

You can demonstrate to your family a healthy way of living which is more likely to positively influence their behaviour. You could even train with family members.

You are more likely to use the gym if a) you have invested financially b) there are less barriers to entry – i.e., it is in your house/garden/garage!

Whilst sorting the gym, you can create extra storage and neatly separate your deflated sports balls and Spam for the apocalypse from the fitness equipment.

Equipment is an investment. Good quality kit holds its value very well. None of it is permanent, including rubber matting, it can all be moved if you move.


Cons of a garage gym

Equipment choice. Unless you live in an airport and your garage is an aircraft hangar, it is unlikely you will have a range of equipment rivalling a commercial gym.

It is a more expensive initial investment (if you compare like for like). The average gym membership in the UK is £40 p/m according to Moneyhelper. An entry level home gym with squat rack, dumbbells, flooring etc is roughly £5000. It would take 125 months or just over 10 years to pay that back.

You lose some of your garage space, which may be a big consideration especially if you use your garage regularly.

You have to clean it. But this does come with a positive as you can guarantee your equipment is always well-looked after and you don’t have to worry about other people’s germs!

The social element. Or lack of social element. You can’t talk to any other people, apart from who you invite over of course (actually, this might be a pro!)


Like the sound of a garage gym conversion?

Do you want to join the garage gym movement? Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote for a home garage gym conversion.