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Bespoke and high-quality home gym design and installation

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We’re experts at designing a home gym to maximise your space and let you get the most out of your home workouts. Our whole service specialises in exceptional bespoke home gyms, utilising the space you have available whether that is in a garage, garden room, basement or purpose built extension. With high quality, space saving equipment on offer – you might be surprised what you can achieve in a small space.



We pride ourselves on our design ability, neglecting no aspect of your home gym. We can advise you not just on the equipment you need, but also on how to best prepare the space for optimum gym comfort, including the installation of flooring and lighting.

Once we have put a plan together we will present it to you with a 3D visualisation so you know exactly what your home gym will look like. 


Your Goals

Most importantly, we take the time to understand your goals and your needs to design a truly individual home gym. We don’t just recommend the same boring equipment you’ve seen everywhere else. We’ll figure out the best way to get you the right equipment in the right place, and regularly employ bespoke fabrication to make sure the fit is exactly right.

Whether you’re into cardio, weight training, Crossfit or yoga, we’ll design and install the perfect unique home gym for you.



We understand a home gym is more than just the equipment. Using our team of experienced renovations specialists, we can add audio and visual, mirrors, wire electrics, insulate for heat and noise, decorate, change doors, structural work and more.

This allows us to transform a pre-existing space into a purpose-built gym environment. You won’t feel like you’re training in your bedroom or garage, we deliver the full gym experience!


Our home gym packages

We design each home gym from scratch, with the right equipment to meet your needs. But we also have some home gym packages, perfect for a garage, basement or garden room gym, if you’re not quite sure where to start.

Case Studies

Unique Luxury Home Gym

We are really pleased with the result of this totally unique home gym design project. The range of equipment includes a power rack with integrated smith machine and cables, lifting platform an Olympic bench, 45 degree squat machine, leg extension/curl and more toys.

The vast majority of kit is Watson Gym Equipment and it oozes premium quality, from the mechanical components to finish of upholstery. The colour choice was bold but we love the way the orange contrast with the grey steel work and flooring. It’s a modern almost futuristic house so this look works well with the surroundings.

Thanks to Paul and family for their help, as well as Gym Bees.

Garage home gym

Our client needed a versatile training space with multi-functional equipment. The set-up had to be suitable for HIIT style workouts as well as strength training. We particularly liked the goal for the young family to train together so ensured floor space was maintained. Careful consideration was made to maximise the space and avoid the door rail which ran through the garage.

We delivered an ERA-FIT half rack with various additions, hex dumbbells, 15mm rubber gym flooring, an ERA-FIT storage unit and Technogym MYRUN treadmill.

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Our Partners

We work with a range of suppliers, always sourcing high quality equipment at a great price for your home or commercial gym. Our partners include...

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