Case Studies

Garage Gym With No Wall Mountings

This project presented a few challenges as despite a prior survey, the more we drilled into the walls, the more we realised they wouldn’t support the weight of the equipment planned. We’d driven 5 hours to get there and our client had booked the install 4 weeks prior. We couldn’t leave without a resolution!

One of our strengths is the willingness and ability to improvise on the spot, ably supported by our partners at ERA-FIT. So with some in-depth consolation with our clients, we adapted and produced this home gym with extra materials which we’d brought along as a contingency.

Behold the super slimline bolt-down rack with integrated plate pegs and bar holder!

  • The plates turned inwards reduce the depth, the bench folds up and can be neatly stored away
  • The mirrors are supported by an MDF frame
  • Flooring and boxing bag also supplied by us

No wall mounting required on the weak wall and a tidy solution which takes up little floor space.

We were really pleased with the result. Thanks to Stefano for helping us find a solution.

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