Case Studies

Luxury Office Gym

We worked with a prestigious law firm to create this stunning gym for their staff. It is always great to see companies valuing the health and wellbeing of their employees! 

The original brief was to create a fitness environment which services a wide range of needs, including a HIIT area in front of a TV screen for interactive classes. Style was a key factor, as you can see from the end result.

It made sense to use the alcove for dual pulley and build the strength area around that end of the gym.

Our partners at ERA-FIT produced all the customised racking and storage, which we know will stand the test of time.

In order to maintain the luxury style we recommended Technogym cardio equipment and the Watson dual adjustable pulley. The customised steel dumbbells and plates also added a bespoke feel which added to the high-end aesthetic.

Highlights of this space include a stunning LED light from Sauce, some clever plastering to create extra wall texture and a lot of mirrors to bounce the cool lighting around the room.

Massive thanks to Rosy and Hennah Haywood law for instructing The Gym People.

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